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Villa "Jet-set", Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Apartmani Jet Set is located 500 meters from Kids Resort Golija and hotel Palisad. An apartment [60 m˛] has 2 bedrooms with bathroom, room for daily resting, kitchen, WC, and big t... Read more ...
Google SearchVilla eBrochures_Villa ImagesYoutube Villa Google Maps Villa+Jetset+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Villa+Jetset+Mountain+Zlatibor

Villa "Kamalj", Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Kamalj is the first and the only club for non - smokers on Zlatibor. Offering tourist servises only to non-smokers, it makes the first zone without tobacco smoke for all who prefer... Read more ...
Google SearchVilla eBrochures_Villa ImagesYoutube Villa Google Maps Villa+Kamalj+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Villa+Kamalj+Mountain+Zlatibor

App. Complex "The Kings Shelters"
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
The Kraljevi konaci [The Kings Shelters] appartment settlement is sittuated on the very side of the lake on the central Zlatibor plateau. because of its beauty and perfection it ca... Read more ...
Google SearchApp. Complex eBrochures_App. Complex ImagesYoutube App. Complex Google Maps App.+Complex+The+Kings+SheltersFacebook App.+Complex+The+Kings+Shelters

Hotel Vis (ex Jugopetrol), Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Hotel VIS, kategorisan sa cetiri zvezdice, izgradjen na jednoj od najlepsih lokacija planine Zlatibor, nalazi se na nadmorskoj visini od 1007m. Lider u hotelijerstvu, hotel VIS je ... Read more ...
Google SearchHotel Vis (ex Jugopetrol), Mountain ZlatiboreBrochures_Hotel Vis (ex Jugopetrol), Mountain Zlatibor_enImagesYoutube Hotel Vis (ex Jugopetrol), Mountain ZlatiborGoogle Maps Hotel+Vis+(ex+Jugopetrol)+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Hotel+Vis+(ex+Jugopetrol)+Mountain+Zlatibor

Hotel Palisad, Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Hotel is located in the centre of Zlatibor, near the Lake. Hotel has 750 beds in single rooms, double rooms, and rooms with three beds. Also, hotel Palisad has 60 apartments. Palis... Read more ...
Google SearchHotel Palisad, Mountain ZlatiboreBrochures_Hotel Palisad, Mountain Zlatibor_enImagesYoutube Hotel Palisad, Mountain ZlatiborGoogle Maps Hotel+Palisad+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Hotel+Palisad+Mountain+Zlatibor

Hotel Zelenkada, Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Hotel Zelenkada has capacity of 45 double rooms and 4 apartments with full equipments. Rooms and apartments are equipped with telephone, TV, SATV, mini-bar, audio panel, and SOS ca... Read more ...
Google SearchHotel Zelenkada, Mountain ZlatiboreBrochures_Hotel Zelenkada, Mountain Zlatibor_enImagesYoutube Hotel Zelenkada, Mountain ZlatiborGoogle Maps Hotel+Zelenkada+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Hotel+Zelenkada+Mountain+Zlatibor

Villa "Darik", Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Villa Darik has rooms apartment [for two and three persons] which contents room for daily rest, kitchen, terrace, with two TV`s. Villa has parking, SATV, and several telephone line... Read more ...
Google SearchVilla eBrochures_Villa ImagesYoutube Villa Google Maps Villa+Darik+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Villa+Darik+Mountain+Zlatibor

Pension "Dabic", Mountain Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
On this wonderful mountain Zlatibor, in its very centre there is the house of Dabic family, always open and ready to welcome guests. Guests have apartments and rooms with bathrooms... Read more ...
Google SearchPension eBrochures_Pension ImagesYoutube Pension Google Maps Pension+Dabic+Mountain+ZlatiborFacebook Pension+Dabic+Mountain+Zlatibor

Apartments "Suncana dolina", Zlatibor
 Location: Zlatibor > Serbia
Apartments Suncana dolina has 5 comforts and luxury’s apartments, located 150m from centre of Zlatibor. Other facilities are restaurant, kitchen, bathroom, frizz, TV, terrace, and ... Read more ...
Google SearchApartments eBrochures_Apartments ImagesYoutube Apartments Google Maps Apartments+Suncana+dolina+ZlatiborFacebook Apartments+Suncana+dolina+Zlatibor


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Tourist organization of cities and municipal services can be used FREE for the following countries Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania Greece, Turkey and Hungary. We invite all interested to contact us.

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Pudar days, Irig
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Monastery Gradac
Read more ... Manastir Gradac je smesten na sumovitim padinama Golije, desetak kilometara zapadno od rus...
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